VONNE Membership+ CEO Network

Chief Executives of Silver and Gold Membership+ supporter organisations are invited to attend VONNE’s networking breakfasts. At these events you will hear from peers about their leadership journey and from external speakers on key policy issues.

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Membership+ CEO Network: Bank of England Roundtable

The role of the North East Agency of the Bank of England is to keep decision makers at the Bank aware and well informed about economic conditions from the perspective of local organisations in the region. To that end, Mauricio Armellini the North East Agent, is constantly hearing from all types of organisations across all sectors and sizes of the economy.

This roundtable will provide an excellent opportunity to inform the Bank of England North East Agency on how the pandemic has affected your operations, levels of demand, and funding. 

The roundtable will include an economic overview from Mauricio Armellini and then move on to discussions around:


  • How has activity evolved in recent weeks? What are expectations for 2021?
  • What have been the main effects of covid on demand and your organisation’s ability to operate?
  • Where will headcount be at end of this year compared to the start?

Access to funds

  • How difficult has it been to raise funds over the last year? Has there been a change in philanthropic donations, access to grants, European funds, or other sources of income?
  • Have you borrowed any money from any of the Government covid support schemes? (CBILS, Bounce Back loans, etc)

Employment and pay

  • Have you furloughed any staff? Are they still furloughed?
  • Where will headcount be at end of this year compared to the start?
  • Do you plan to make any pay increases this year? Have any staff taken pay reductions as a result
    of covid?

The VONNE Membership+ CEO Network Breakfasts are open to Chief Executives of Silver and Gold Membership+ supporters. 

This event will be held virtually on zoom, if you haven't already received your booking link for this event please email anne.fry@vonne.org.uk.

January 26th, 2021 8:00 AM   to   9:30 AM