Reframing Poverty Workshop with FrameWorks Institute

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At the VONNE conference in 2016 we heard from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on their work exploring key messages, views and beliefs held by the general public on poverty in the UK. Since then JRF has been working with Frameworks Institute on a research project on how we can tell a new story about poverty in the UK. At this workshop you can hear from FrameWorks on their joint learning to understand how we can re-frame conversations and messages about poverty in the UK. This event is supported by the Millfield House Foundation.



We have incredible power as storytellers. The stories we tell - and how we tell them - in turn shape how people think, feel and are willing to act. This briefing shares insight from a multi-year research project on how we can tell a new story about poverty in the UK - alongside an introduction to framing for social change. We'll explore the values that guide thinking, the metaphors that tell systems stories, and the words that close minds. 

This is a distillation of two reports from the FrameWorks Institute, in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation:

Talking About Poverty: How Experts and the Public Understand Poverty in the United Kingdom

How to Talk About Poverty in the United Kingdom

FrameWorks is a nonprofit communications think tank. With two decades of experience and expertise, FrameWorks occupies a unique position at the intersection of pioneering research and practice. Their work helps advocates replace bleak facts, statistics and anger with stories that change hearts and minds - and delivers policy change. 

Participants will take away answers to the questions:

1) What is framing and what does it mean for how we tell our stories? 

2) How does the public think about poverty?

3) How can we change the public's understanding of poverty - and their support for systemic solutions?

4) How can we start to apply framing principles to our own practice?



March 25th, 2019 11:00 AM   to   1:00 PM
Breeze Creatives
Bamburgh House
Market Street East
Newcastle, NE1 6BH
United Kingdom
Phone: 0191 233 2000