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Social prescribing news for the North East, North Cumbria and Yorkshire
Latest social prescribing news and what's coming up!
What's coming up
Looking forward to 2023: Thriving Communities upcoming sessions 
Monthly info sessions: Hosted by our Regional Lead 
Online learning sessions: Yes We Can CIC
Action Learning Sets
Connector sessions and funding webinar 
A message from our Regional Lead: November update
Thriving Communities Project Showcase
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Social prescribing news
Arts Council England 2023 - 2026 Investment Programme | Bringing creativity and culture to your doorstep 
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Reimagining social prescribing - Perspectives and experiences from Black and Racially Minoritised Communities 
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Innovations in social prescribing: The role of social housing
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What more can we do to understand the difference that co-production makes in social care? | Centre for Care
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Financial wellbeing & funding
How to hire a Social Prescribing Advice Worker | Guide and reimbursement scheme
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Money and Pensions Service: 'Talk Learn Do' Training for professionals who work with parents 
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Community Foundation: Cost of Living Fund  
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Calderdale Cost of Living Fund
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NHS General Practice Team: Campaign to raise public awareness of personalised care roles in general practice  
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An introduction to personalised care for Primary Care Network leaders (2022)
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Personalised Care Institute courses
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New ‘choose well for mental health’ guide helps local young people find the right support 
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Health Equity Assessment Tool programme
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Re-engage this Christmas 
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In case you missed it...
Talk Money Week 7th - 11th November  
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Trans Awareness Week 13th - 19th November
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More events
Churches and social prescribing 
Time for action on poverty: Practical steps for the NHS and its partners
Global Social Prescribing Arts for Brain Health webinar
Introducing the Workforce Development Framework for Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs)
Learning and Improvement System Community Event: North East and North Cumbria ICS
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January 2023 NASP webinar: Financial wellbeing and social prescribing
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