Building a human rights bridge out of poverty

Thursday, 21 January, 2021 - 11:00 to 13:30

What do everyday people need to enjoy everyday life? What are the essential conditions needed to live a life of dignity, safety and freedom? Join the Social Rights Alliance for a learning experience with a purpose. This first event of an 8-month series is the beginning of a shared journey that will bring together people with lived and learnt experiences of poverty.

Lived experience means the knowledge gained from our background and day-to-day experiences in life. Learnt experience means the knowledge we acquire as professionals working with communities and from analysis and research, academic or not.

The Alliance is working together to exchange knowledge, develop skills, build capacity and form alliances to drive for real change. Through dialogue, we will learn about the tools we can use to tackle poverty and inequality.

Speakers in this first event include Patricia Bailey, ATD Fourth World, in dialogue with Misha Nayak-Oliver, from Just Fair. A second panel will include Vitalis Mbah, of RAPAR (Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research) who will be talking about the Status4All network, Nikki Hewson, ATD Fourth World, who will discuss how she defends human rights through parent-to-parent advocacy and Kait Laughlin, educator, researcher and anti-poverty campaigner, will speak about accessible human rights education on poverty.

Everybody is welcome in this and all forthcoming events under this series. However, this first event is particularly designed with and for people with lived experience of poverty.

If the event appears to be fully booked when you try to register, consider joining the waiting list. We may be able to release tickets manually.

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