Cyber Security Training for Small Charities and Community Groups

Monday, 25 February, 2019 - 12:30 to 16:00
St Mary's Centre 82-90 Corporation Road Middlesbrough TS1 2RW

MVDA is running this free training created by the National Cyber Security Centre specifically catering to small charities and community groups to help you understand cyber security and apply practical solutions that will keep you safe online.

The session will be broken into three main parts;

  • What cyber attacks could a small charity fall victim to?
  • What simple steps can you take to enhance your cyber security?
  • What should we do if we suffer a cyber attack?

Throughout the session, your local trainers will help you understand the content through real life examples, videos and most importantly by removing the jargon that can make cyber security seem difficult to understand.

Book via the MVDA website.

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