Employability webinar - retraining and changing career

Monday, 12 April, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:00

This webinar is designed to help unemployed Northumberland residents to develop their job-seeking skills and find work.

It is suitable for both those who have recently been made redundant and those who have been out of work for some time. The course is delivered by Community Action Northumberland, a charity dedicated to helping people in Northumberland.

What will I get from attending?

Unemployment can be a lonely and daunting experience at any time and the pandemic hasn't helped. You are not alone! Community Action Northumberland can offer both emotional support and help with the practicalities of looking for a job.

Taking part will help you to:

  • build new skills
  • plan the way ahead
  • demonstrate your commitment to finding work to the job centre and potential employers / training agencies
  • build your confidence
  • cope with the emotional and practical impacts of unemployment
  • give you access to ongoing support on a one to one basis from CAN's employment hubs if desired.

The webinar will last approximately one hour and covers:

  • Recognising your existing skills, interests and experience
  • Identifying career paths which might suit you
  • How to build additional skills and experience to improve your chances of getting a job you will love.

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