Free webinar - 3 simple steps to be happy and productive working from home

Thursday, 26 March, 2020 - 12:30 to 14:30

Do you have to change your ways of working from being in an office to working at home? Are you shifting from being connected to other people to meeting virtually? Do you still need to meet deadlines but are struggling to stay motivated? Join Lucidity Innovation for a free webinar to look at these questions and more.

Working from home as your main way of operating is very different from working from home occasionally to get a report, application or paper written without interruption. The days can stretch ahead of you. There’s still work that needs doing, there are conflicting priorities and deadlines. It can be hard to keep focused, motivated and be productive when you’re at home and working alone.  

Join this webinar for tips on how to be happy and productive working from home. Find out how to set good habits and get more done in less time with less stress and a lunchbreak! 

Book your place on the Lucidity Innovation website.

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