Great teams: Working well as a team

Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:30

This 2.5 hour workshop from Yes We Can is a practical exploration of teamwork focussing on building blocks of a good team and how to build trust and relationships face to face and virtually. Each place costs £65.

The session will explore the current context and situation, the impact of the changing face of work and relationships with individuals and teams and then briefly explore three areas relating to working well as a team:

  •     understanding the elements we need to be a great team
  •     explore roles, responsibilities and goal setting techniques for teams
  •     connecting and building relationships across the team

Find out more and book your place via Yes We Can's website

This workshop is part of the Leadership in practice series to help each of us be our best self, work in great teams and be amazing together. Great people make great things happen. The other workshops are

Yes We Can

Yes We Can develops social change leadership in the north east. We work with social leaders to be better leaders, managers, trustees, networkers, collaborators, facilitators, coaches and mentors. We offer training programmes, workshops, coaching, mentoring, action learning, facilitation and other initiatives. We’re part of an ecosystem that supports and develops social leadership across our region. Together we work so our civil society is impactful, resilient and influential.

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