A mini unconference on consultation, co-design and co-production

Monday, 23 March, 2020 - 09:30 to 12:30
Mind Centre, Middlesbrough

Following the success of last year’s unconference on social regeneration, the Middlesbrough Collective present new mini unconferences. 

The aim this time is to create some space to talk about consulting with communities, co-design and co-production – but what does that mean?

The unconference aims to question how we make sure people who use its services and live in its communities have opportunities to help design services that are right for them, or have an equal voice in decisions that affect their lives. What are the best ways to engage people in these things? What really works?

What is an unconference?

The unconference is an opportunity for people from all sectors to come together as equals, to share ideas or best practice and pose questions around a particular theme. It’s a way to get lots of different people in a room together without a set agenda and without the event being owned by any single organisation.

There is no set plan for the event - except that there will be some tea breaks with snacks and good conversations.

Participants will decide the agenda at the beginning of the event, with the help of a host, by proposing the things they would like to talk about.

These topics will form the agenda and different discussions will happen in different break-away rooms. Participants will be able to choose the conversations they would like to be part of on the day. The people who propose particular discussions will lead or kick off those conversations.

Find out more and book your place on the eventbrite website.

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