The NHS and climate change: moving from policy to action for a sustainable future

Wednesday, 27 October, 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00

Join the King’s Fund for this event discussing how the NHS can move towards a sustainable future.

The NHS can take pride in having devised a world-leading strategy on sustainability, as the first national health system to commit to a net-zero future. The urgency of shifting to greener health service delivery is well understood and, with the aim of creating a greener NHS, two clear, achievable targets have been set: for the emissions the NHS controls to be net zero by 2040, and the emissions the NHS influences to be net zero by 2045.

This webinar will explore how those targets can be met, especially under the new integrated care system (ICS) framework and why there are reasons to be optimistic that the fight for a sustainable future will be won at a local, ICS level, as each ICS will develop a ‘green plan’ by January 2022.

At this event, experts will discuss how carbon emissions can be addressed in health care and how taking ownership of many small changes can help to move the sustainability agenda forward, while also discussing the barriers to change. They will explore the issue through the lens of the environmental impact of metered-dose inhalers, used by people with asthma & COPD, as 4% of the total NHS carbon footprint savings expected to be realised through a ‘shift to lower carbon inhalers’.

Designing and implementing a greener future is still a huge task, requiring input from many different groups – from national policy experts and GPs, to the pharmaceutical industry and the people who use health services. Come along to hear how the NHS is making the shift and what more needs to happen to transform the system by 2050 and make the NHS a greener healthcare system.

The event is intended for HCPs, Policy Makers, those with an interest in respiratory or sustainability in healthcare.

To find out more and sign up, visit the King’s Fund website.

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