North East Inspiring Impact workshop: Session one - Using data to make decisions

Thursday, 25 February, 2021 - 09:30 to 11:00

This is the first session in a three-part series for VCSE sector organisations and people from the North East of England. The series is being run by Inspiring Impact delivery partner SVUK in collaboration with Inspiring Impact regional partners for the North East: VONNE and Social Enterprise Acumen CIC.

This session will focus on using data for decision-making. In the current climate, it is becoming even more necessary to focus on making the best decisions possible with the information that we have available. It will be looking at:

  • collecting data that is useful and used
  • evaluation for learning, improving your services, and better meeting your beneficiaries needs.

The session will involve group discussions and activities.

Please register in advance for this meeting.

About the workshop series

Inspiring Impact partner Social Value UK is facilitating a three-part impact management workshop series with Inspiring Impact regional partners for the North East – VONNE and Social Enterprise Acumen.

The series is a part of the wider Inspiring Impact programme focused on developing impact management capacity within civil society organisations.

The first two sessions will focus on impact practice learning for practical delivery management. The third session will broaden out to a more strategic perspective both for organisations themselves, and also for a more collaborative perspective of the North East civil society sector.

We believe that understanding and improving our impact individually and collectively is integral for us to #BuildBackBetter and to elevate the hugely important role the VCSE sector is playing. We invite you to #BePartOfTheMovement.

Who for?

We would love to invite everyone from the VCSE sectors from across all parts of the North East.

The first two sessions could be most useful for those working in delivering social purpose activities in the region, and the final session could be most useful for those in strategic decision-making positions, those interested in developing better VCSE sector connections and voice, and those in structural support roles and organisations supporting the VCSE sector. However, everyone will be very welcome at any of the sessions.


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