Social media for charities: Create winning and donation worthy content

Thursday, 8 April, 2021 - 16:30 to 17:30

Your charity’s social media platforms are some of the most valuable communications tools at your disposal. These platforms are the key to spreading your message, whether by keeping in touch with existing supporters or as avenues for getting the word out and connecting with new donors.

But with so many charities doing great work, it can be challenging to stand out and ensure your message is heard by the right people. In a saturated attention economy, your charity’s messaging must be spot on. Otherwise, you run the risk of being crowded out of your supporter’s feeds and timelines.

Mastering this is a two-fold process. While the more obvious work of creating content is crucial, the behind-the-scenes marketing that gets your message to the right audience is just as important. Creating the right social media content will allow you to share your mission with your social followers in an engaging and actionable way.

In this webinar, Emily Corbin (community manager, Adobe Spark) and Amy Zhong (product manager, Adobe Spark) will walk you through the process of creating and sharing eye-grabbing social content. You will learn tips on building strong fundraising focused campaigns and narratives, learn about generating and harnessing momentum, and enjoy a live demo that will get you set up for success using Adobe Spark.

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