Trustees' Week: Being a great trustee with Yes We Can

Tuesday, 3 November, 2020 - 16:00 to 18:00

Being a great trustee is an online learning programme over four weeks with three two-hour workshops and self-directed learning tasks. Together, you'll explore the legal duties of a charity trustee and the skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to be a great trustee. Each place costs £100.

Being a great trustee is for you if you’re new to trusteeship and want to learn about the role; if you’re an old hand and want a refresher; or if you’re looking to volunteer as a trustee and want to get ready before stepping into the role.

Each two-hour session blends short presentations with individual and small group exercises (including self-assessments) with the focus on drawing from our collective experiences to deepen understanding of, and model, best practice. You’ll form a learning community and will learn from each other as well as us.

Great trustee competency framework

The great trusteeship competency framework underpins the programme, making sure it follows current best practice guidance including the Charity Commission’s The essential trustee, the Charity governance code for smaller or larger charities, and the ICSA Trustee competency matrix.

Yes We Can shares the competency framework with all learners to support your development as a trustee. You can also use the competency framework to improve governance practice within your charity. The framework includes:

  • accessible summaries of the knowledge, skills and duties required to be a great trustee
  • summary of behaviours of a great trustee
  • checklists of what to read to learn about your charity and about being a good trustee
  • knowledge checklist tool
  • in-depth skills self-assessment tool
  • trustee development plan template

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