VCSE Sector Digital Inclusion Workshops

Monday, 12 October, 2020 - 09:30
Online with a choice of dates

Researchers at Newcastle University’s Open Lab, with the support of VONNE and the Not-Equal Network, have developed these workshops, bringing together people doing digital inclusion work in the North East to discuss what is working, and what needs are unmet by current approaches, in order develop new tools to support their work in future.

Workshops will be facilitated by Adam Parnaby from Open Lab. Each workshop will take 90 minutes and be supported by short (10-15 minute) preparatory activities which participants will be asked to complete prior to each session. The workshops will:

1. Inform a report, for use by the sector, summarising all relevant findings on the current state of digital inclusion in the North East, as well as promising opportunities for future work.
2. Inform the future design and development of digital inclusion tools for use by the sector.
3. Enable peer learning and sharing experience of digital inclusion strategies between organisations.

Participants will also be offered the opportunity to collaborate with Open Lab to run workshops for their service users, insights from which can be used to inform service design.


There are two strands – Material Access and Digital Skills - and you can register for one, or both strands. Each strand has two workshops:


In the first of these workshops, organisations trying to work inclusively in the North East will be invited to:
• Explore and evaluate digital inclusion tools and interventions currently in common use in the sector, as well as historical examples.
• Share good practice and learning from their own experiences.
• Identify unmet needs which future work in the sector could address.


Based on key learnings and issues identified in the first workshop, participants will be invited to:
• Collaboratively co-create responses to existing digital inclusion issues.
• Discuss existing tools which can be used as is or modified for increased effectiveness, and how this might be done in the short term.
• Contribute ideas for new tools, software, or similar which could be developed in Open Lab in the future to address digital inclusion challenges for which current tools fall short.

Panel members will be compensated for their time. You will need to have access to the internet and to a computer or tablet/smartphone with a speaker and microphone.

Register to attend.

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