Webinar - Employee journeys of the future

Wednesday, 30 September, 2020 - 09:30

In this webinar from Dynamo North East, three people specialists will guide participants through how to provide the best employee experience in a remote or hybrid working environment.

Marie Ranson, director and co-founder of Teesside-based workplace wellbeing experts Key Wellbeing will be going through:
– the key components of a great workforce wellbeing programme
– how to create confidence amongst managers to handle mental health in the workplace
– how to foster an environment of workforce inclusion whilst remote/hybrid working.

Naomi Crozier, lead people scientist at Hive HR will be addressing 'how people-first organisations are engaging employees during coronavirus.'

And Mikaila Read, remote experience manager at Impala will share three key takeaways:

– going beyond the virtual coffee break; two remote employee engagement initiatives you haven’t heard of (‘pop-up parties’ and ‘scavenger hunts’)

– supplementing policies with team agreements; why you should intentionally engage your team in setting communication preferences, values, and sub-cultures. (Going ‘Slackless’ in response to ‘work-life integration’ and remote communication agreements.)

– remote working guides; self-assessment tools, home-office ergonomic tips, time management apps, ‘switching off’ guidance, and pledge sheets you’ll want to steal.

Sign up at zoom.us/webinar/register.


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