Business and Planning Manager

Contract Type: 
Full time
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 - 00:00
Fixed Salary
Per Annum
Pioneering Care Partnership

Business & Planning Manager


Responsible to:        PCP Chief Executive

Accountable to:        PCP Chair & Board of Trustees

Located:                     Predominantly at the Pioneering Care Centre, Newton Aycliffe with the requirement to travel to other venues as appropriate

Scale/Salary:             Band 8a/b, Point 18 £28,146 - £31,805 (by incremental progression)

Hours:                         Full time, 37½ hours per week

Flexible Working:     Given the nature of the role it is expected that the post-holder will work flexibly. This may include working extended hours, evenings and weekends to ensure PCP remains responsive and agile.


Key Role

To support the overall growth and sustainability of the Pioneering Care Partnership through:

  • seeking and developing new business opportunities, innovative projects and services;

  • writing successful funding applications;

  • leading on short-term growth and development projects; and

  • supporting the development of any trading activity.


To contribute to the achievement of the Business Plan through working with PCP’s Senior Management Team (SMT).

Representing the organisation at a range of external forums, partnerships and networks.

Job Description

1. Working in conjunction with PCP’s SMT to support and facilitate the organisations overall development and growth, including:

    a.   Creating strategies to maximise unrestricted income;

    b.   Supporting current trading activities to ensure sustainability and development;

   c.   Assisting to maximise use and income of the Pioneering Care Centre; and

   d.   Leading on the operational planning and development of new trading activities.

2.   Developing appropriate business opportunities in line with the Strategic and Operational Plan with the guidance of the Chief Executive.

3.   Planning and managing change in accordance with the organisation’s Strategic and Operational Plans, including taking full responsibility for short term projects and/or services on an ad-hoc basis.

4.   Undertaking regular comprehensive marketing scoping, ensuring that potential new opportunities are identified and evaluated.

5.   Preparing high quality tenders and bids to both sustain current projects and services and develop new areas of work.Leading on the overall development and submission, including formal tenders, grant applications and speculative bids, including developing joint applications with partner organisations.

6.   Working collaboratively with staff to mobilise new projects and services, ensuring solid communication and reporting in line with funding requirements.

7.   Ensuring full compliance with regard to all funding monitoring, including report writing and preparing feedback specific to individual funders specifications.

8.   Increasing and managing charitable giving and promoting donations and in-kind contributions.

9.   Working with SMT to actively target corporate donors to maximise fundraising activity and promotion

10.  To maximise PCP’s corporate publicity and raise public awareness through writing press releases, arranging and hosting donor visits, presenting at various networks and forums and developing a strong relationship with the media (papers, radio and TV).

11.  Assisting to ensuring PCP operates within its governance arrangements at all times.


  1. To uphold PCP’s Core Values at all times.
  2. To carry out the management role within the performance guidelines set out in the organisations management objectives
  3. To operate within the policies and procedures of PCP, including confidentiality, safeguarding, information governance and data protection.
  4. To support the organisational approach to quality and continual improvement through becoming an internal auditor, environmental champion or health advocate.
  5. To assist PCP’s marketing & engagement work and use creative techniques to gather views from the communities we support.
  6. To be an ambassador for PCP and represent the organisation at a number of different meetings, forums and events.
  7. To be responsible for the collation of appropriate monitoring and evaluation information to support the achievement of agreed targets and outcomes within the project or service.
  8. To provide accurate and timely internal and external reports as required.
  9. To liaise with relevant teams to ensure that opportunities are maximised for service users/clients.
  10. To adhere with financial processes and procedures and ensure that all resources purchased are within the allocated cost code budget(s).
  11. To work to develop and apply appropriate monitoring, evaluation and quality tools in accordance with the quarterly performance monitoring procedures.
  12. To recruit, support, train and motivate staff and volunteers as required.
  13. To effectively work with partners, freelance workers, consultants and other external stakeholders as required.
  14. To ensure Health and Safety and Safeguarding procedures are communicated effectively to teams and adhered to at all times.
  15. To carry out all responsibilities in line with the organisation’s Equality and Diversity Policy.
  16. To undertake any training and development deemed appropriate.
  17. To undertake other such duties as are deemed appropriate by the Chief Executive.