Chief Executive Officer

Contract Type: 
Full time
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 18 April, 2021 - 23:00
Fixed Salary
Per Annum
HospiceCare North Northumberland

We are currently looking to recruit an empowering Chief Executive to lead HospiceCare through its ambitious 2021-2024 strategy and beyond. The Chief Executive will be responsible for ensuring that the Senior Management Team is able to operate effectively while working collaboratively, strategically and effectively to embed the strategy externally.

The Chief Executive will require a supportive, empowering and collegiate style which is in keeping with HospiceCare’s values, mission and purpose. This is a role which will continue to grow, adapt and change and the preferred candidate will have the skills to be able to achieve this while remaining agile and responsive to change.

Job Description


This post will provide senior management for the organisation as a whole and take the direct line management for the Senior Management team.

The post holder will ensure effective and efficient organisational leadership, operational management, performance and delivery of high-quality services and other activities, leading staff teams and staff and volunteers in best practice within the professional, commissioned and regulated Hospice charity environment and strengthening HospiceCare North Northumberland’s financial security and future development in the local and wider NE community.

Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing effective leadership, management and administration for HospiceCare North Northumberland
  • Ensuring that the overall strategy and objectives of HospiceCare are carried out
  • Managing the ongoing process of organisational change and its consequences
  • Working with the Board of Trustees to ensure that they have all relevant information required for effective governance
  • Actively seeking out opportunities to identify and promote continuous improvement across HospiceCare North Northumberland
  • Identifying potential barriers, challenges and risks, which need to be monitored or responded to over time and developing mechanisms to mitigate these
  • Developing and championing new initiatives or projects as necessary
  • Supporting transformation and org
  • Organisational change that improves delivery, quality and/or efficacy

Duties and responsibilities

Senior Management Team

  1. To provide overall leadership and management of the Senior Management Team.
  2. To provide the senior management team with effective motivation, and support to staff and volunteers helping them to achieve outcomes in their own roles in a professional and team focused way, in line with values and expected standards of behaviour.
  3. To work closely and collaboratively with all members of the Senior Management Team ensuring that; skill and experience use is maximised to the value of the organisation and that all team members are able to effectively discharge their responsibilities.
  4. To work with the Senior Management Team to ensure that our organisation effectively work with staff and volunteers ensuring that they are managed, motivated and monitored in such a way that they are able to contribute to the achievement of agreed Hospice strategy
  5. To hold the final decision-making role within the Senior Management Team and to support and adhere to collective responsibility for the decisions taken at Senior Management Team level.
  6. To work with all relevant legislation, guidance and advice to ensure the safe running of HospiceCare North Northumberland.

Chief Executive Officer

  1. To play a creative, strategic and positive role as the Chief Executive to ensure a high standard of service that fulfils the philosophy and strategy HospiceCare.
  2. To recruit, motivate, monitor, mentor and line manage teams (staff, students and volunteers) in a positive and empowering style as required to ensure that they contribute fully to the achievement of agreed Hospice strategy, conducting regular contact meetings, annual appraisals and to provide mentoring/training plans in line the identified needs.
  3. Working closely with the Senior Management Team to ensure that they can execute their roles and responsibilities to the organisation.
  4. To support the Company Secretary and Chair of Trustees in discharging the administration of the trustee meetings attending as and when required.
  5. To support the Board of Trustees to discharge their governance obligations to the organisation.
  6. To act as spokesperson for the organisation as required. Ensuring that the organisation is professionally and effectively represented in line with agreed messaging.
  7. To take responsibility for supporting in the creation and implementation of the trustee created strategy, undertaking the necessary actions to move the organisation to the achievement of the strategic aims and targets.
  8. To take overall responsibility for people services, financial services, clinical services and income generation.
  9. As required by the Trustees, take responsibility for the consistent and effective leadership of HospiceCare North Northumberland.
  10. To support the organisation as required to discharge all regulatory obligations including Care Quality Commission, Information Commissioners Office and others.
  11. To be responsible for the management of organisational functions such as insurance and pension audit
  12. To take the role of Information Officer for the organisation and discharge all associated duties.
  13. To take the role of responsible person for the organisation and discharge all associated duties.
  14. To identify and investigate, and lead as appropriate, opportunities and concepts for projects which are in line with the strategic aims of the organisation and will be of benefit to the organisation, producing proposals and recommendations.
  15. To ensure close and collaborative efforts across the organisation when investigating, researching and developing new concepts.
  16. To develop and maintain effective working relationships with statutory service activity-based funders and contribute to bids as part of commissioning or tendering processes.
  17. To join relevant external networks or groups as necessary to ensure that our organisation remains involved in developments in income generation and has the opportunity to influence and to share information and good practice.
  18. To lead meetings taking responsibility for the chairing, organising and structure of meetings, and chair or actively participate in other meetings as required by the role
  19. To work in accordance with the law, our organisational philosophy and values, our organisational policies and procedures, recognised professional guidelines and the hospice commitment to equality of opportunity and collective responsibility

Personal Specification

Essential skills

  1. 5 years experience of senior management and leadership
  2. Significant experience of project implementation and delivery
  3. Experience of cultural change management
  4. Experience of organisational growth and management of organisational growth
  5. Experience of charity management
  6. Significant experience of delivering charitable aims and managing risks
  7. Empowering and collaborative leadership style

Desirable skills

  1. Experience of strategy creation and implementation
  2. Experience of healthcare management and leadership

To apply please contact for an application form. Along with a completed application form we require a covering letter which should aim to answer the following question in between 500-1000 words:

What do you think the essential skills of leadership are, and how do you think that they will support HospiceCare to meet its strategy?

If you would like to have an informal conversation regarding the role please contact our current Chief Executive Emily Dobson on 01665 606515 or

Completed application form and covering letter to be returned to:

Interview date: 26th April 2021