Joining the Dots Facilitator

Contract Type: 
Fixed term
Part time
Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 5 July, 2022 - 00:00
Fixed Salary
Pro Rata
Pioneering Care Partnership

Job description

Key Role

The Joining the Dots Facilitator will take a central role in the Macmillan Joining the Dots Cancer Support Service in County Durham. Hosted by Wellbeing for Life, the Macmillan Joining the Dots programme is a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and Durham County Council and County Durham Care Partnership. The outcomes of the programme are:

· To facilitate support for people affected by cancer.

· To ensure people affected by cancer have improved psychological well-being.

· To assist people affected by cancer to be more able to live independently.

· To improve systems and processes to support people affected by cancer.

· To enhance service integration and care coordination.

· To increase skills and knowledge regarding cancer among the workforce.

· To facilitate a cultural shift in the acceptance for integrated care across sector, organisational and professional boundaries.

Job Purpose

  • The post holder will engage and support a caseload of clients, affected by a diagnosis of cancer, supporting them to access services and support to ensure the best possible quality of life. The post holder will develop and integrate into a network of support services from specialist cancer services, primary care to the voluntary sector. The post holder will support and undertake nonclinical holistic needs assessment with clients, providing access to a support network with identified Key Workers to ensure a joined up approach. The post holder will engage and work with a wide range of partners and local voluntary and community groups to develop joint cancer initiatives, education and support packages for those with a cancer diagnosis and those affected by their diagnosis.
  • The post holder will have and develop knowledge/experience of local community health needs and will work with partners, service providers, groups and individuals to map out/develop clear pathways and support mechanisms to ensure individuals get the right support at the right time in the right place. The postholder will work with partners across the service to develop and evaluate the Service and act as an integrated member of a team, demonstrating a flexible approach, to working across the geographical patch to ensure the needs of the individual and those affected by a cancer diagnosis are met.
  • The post holder will liaise with a variety of partners, community and voluntary organisations across the geographical patch and within the wider programme. Excellent communication skills, robust personal resilience and local knowledge are essential in order to engage and work with members of the public. Willingness to undertake mandatory and role specific training within a specified timescale will also be essential.

Job Description

  • The main role of the Joining the Dots Facilitator will be to support the Wellbeing Manager, Cancer Lead and Wellbeing for Life Area coordinators with the overall development and implementation of the service. This will include individual holistic needs assessments and brokering and nurturing local relationships and pathways with partners and organisations from all sectors to develop the best and most appropriate support package possible for individuals.
  • To work with a range of stakeholders including cancer nurse specialists, partners and existing groups to develop the referral pathways for support.
  • To encourage and facilitate the development and delivery of action plans to meet the holistic needs of individuals.
  • Work with the Wellbeing for Life Manager to develop an appropriate needs assessment and monitoring tool to assist in the development of individual action plans / support packages.
  • Work with the individual to facilitate access to services, activities and support to assist the individual based on identified need.
  • Develop client lead support packages to include:

o Financial advice on employment, welfare and benefits

o Sharing the diagnosis

o Navigating the offers of support

o Assistance to understanding the diagnosis and treatment

o Living with cancer / or a cancer diagnosis

o Transport, access and modifications/ adaptations etc.

o Planning for the future including a good death, where applicable

o Planning with families/ support networks for support after death, where applicable

  • With the appropriate training, act as an advocate for the individual should the need arise.
  • To ensure appropriate information and resources are available for staff and members of the public in order for individuals to make choices right for them. For example to help them with understanding cancer, its signs and symptoms, prevention / detection techniques, treatments and likely outcomes including survival rates.
  • To apply asset based community development, engagement and consultation techniques as appropriate to engage the target groups/individuals.
  • To carry out service evaluations in line with the project plan and learning from best practice.
  • To represent CDDFT at key partner/ community group meetings and work closely with the Health Trainers and Workers to implement key actions and feedback.
  • To support the Cancer Lead Coordinator and Manager in the development and implementation of the service.
  • To work with partners and existing groups to develop the referral pathways for support.
  • To develop and or access services / activities / support networks for the individual based on identified need.
  • To promote activities, including managing events and publicity campaigns.
  • To work with Joining the Dots Volunteers and develop the delivery model for the service based on identified competencies required to deliver the client journey.
  • To manage/broker/nurture a range of local relationships with partners of all sectors.
  • To work with individual clients on 1:1 basis to ensure they are accessing the right support, at the right time, in the right place.
  • To source a holistic package of support to assist the development of skills and knowledge and in particular assisting individuals to progress and achieve their health goals to improve quality of life.
  • To apply solution focused problem solving to deal with the wider determinants of health and lifestyle issues including healthy eating, physical activity, smoking and alcohol.
  • To signpost or refer individual clients to a range of lifestyle intervention, primary and secondary care services and voluntary and community support.
  • To apply asset based community development techniques and undertake research to support access to appropriate services.
  • To carry out service evaluation in line with the project plan and learning from best practice.
  • To plan, deliver and evaluate a range of interactive health and wellbeing, cancer related workshops.
  • To prepare suitable resources for the successful delivery of activities.
  • To be responsible for data management of clients including inputting information onto databases and creating reports.
  • To work flexibly as part of the team and to provide cover for colleagues as required maintaining appropriate staffing levels across the wider programme.
  • To ensure the service operates effectively and efficiently.
  • To collate and present verbal and written reports as required.
  • To contribute to the development of systems and procedures, and the whole team approach in meeting quality and performance targets.
  • To assist with the evaluation of services and sessions as appropriate.
  • To conduct personal, venue and activity risk assessments as required.


1. To uphold PCP’s Core Values at all times.

2. To operate within the policies and procedures of PCP, including confidentiality, safeguarding, information governance and data protection.

3. To assist PCP’s marketing & engagement work and use creative techniques to gather views from the communities we support.

4. To be an ambassador for PCP and represent the organisation at a number of different meetings, forums and events.

5. To liaise with relevant teams to ensure that opportunities are maximised for service users/clients.

6. To adhere with financial processes and procedures and ensure that all resources purchased are within the allocated cost code budget(s).

7. To recruit, support, train and motivate staff and volunteers as required.

8. To effectively work with partners, freelance workers, consultants and other external stakeholders as required.

9. To ensure Health and Safety and Safeguarding procedures are followed at all times.

10. To carry out all responsibilities in line with the organisation’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

11. To undertake any training and development deemed appropriate.

12. To undertake other such duties as are deemed appropriate by the Chief Executive.

May 2022