Learning Disabilities and Autism Lived Experience Lead

Contract Type: 
Fixed term
Part time
Application deadline: 
Friday, 5 March, 2021 - 12:00
Fixed Salary
Per Annum
Your Voice Counts

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About Your Voice Counts   

Your Voice Counts helps vulnerable people. These are people who need special care or support. We help them to speak up for what they want, be better connected, and to have choice and control in their lives.


Our Values


Equality - We speak up for equal rights and   opportunities for everyone  

Learn and Grow - We work together to make things better  

Working Together - We achieve more working together than by ourselves

Person Centred - We put people at the heart of everything we do 

Accountable - We do what we say we are going to do 


About the job


This job is about helping Your Voice Counts get better at Co-Production.

Co-Production means people who use our service, their families, carers and professionals working together to:

have an equal say about how they think we should run our services

make things better for people who use our services

give more people who use our service the chance to work or volunteer with us to help make change happen


What you will do:

Look at how Your Voice Counts involves people with learning disabilities in planning and running our services. To do this you will:

Talk to people who use our services and find out what they think about it

Ask other people with learning disabilities who work and volunteer at Your Voice Counts to say what they think we do well, and what we could do better 

Ask our staff and Board members for their ideas on how we can make co-production happen

Using what you find out, come up with a plan about what Your Voice Counts does well and what we need to get better at 

Share this plan with managers at Your Voice Counts 

Help managers to put the plan into action and give them feedback on the changes they make

Work with all staff in YVC and together, use YVC’s values to deliver our services well 


 Work with other organisations by:


Talking to them to share what we have learnt and to find out what they are doing about co-production. 

Raising awareness to help other organisations plan ways to involve people who use their services in making things better


We will make sure that we support the person who gets this job to do all of these things, and to learn how to do them well.