Operations Manager

Contract Type: 
Full time
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 18 April, 2021 - 00:00
Fixed Salary
Per Annum
Pioneering Care Partnership
Key Role
To support PCP to execute long-term and short-term plans including developing and implementing growth strategies, supporting change management and streamlining workflows. 
To support the overall governance of the organisation including, but not limited to:
Ensuring systematic process to enable the Board, Executive Leadership Team and Senior Management fulfil statutory, legal and good practice requirements;
Leading a methodical approach to health and safety compliance, supporting with training and oversight across the whole organisation;
Ensuring PCP exploits Office 365/ICT functionality to increase efficiency; and 
Overseeing PCP marketing and communication functions to maximize exposure and increase general awareness. 
To work flexibly alongside, and support the work of, the Executive Leadership Team in pursuit of the aspirations detailed in PCP’s Strategic Plan. 
To use sound judgement, vision, management and leadership and embody PCP’s core values at all times. 
Job Description
1. To devise, implement and manage a comprehensive system to ensure all compliance requirements are met (Charity Commission, Company’s House, ICO, HSE etc).
2. To support the organisation to embed Good Governance Code best practice 
3. Evaluate organisational performance as appropriate by analyzing and interpreting data and producing reports as required. 
4. To research, write and submit reports to the Chief Executive and Executive Leadership Team on matters of importance 
5. To work collaboratively with the Executive Leadership Team to ensure their support needs are met. Including drafting reports, presentations and other documents on their behalf.
6. To act as a conduit for the Executive Leadership Team ensuring pro-active scheduling, timely correspondence, stakeholder liaison, reporting and all other requirements both internally and externally are effectively managed. 
7. To oversee and monitor a number of external consultants/organisation’s including PCP’s ICT provider and Health and Safety consultant. 
8. To effectively manage and develop multi-disciplinary teams, including: 
Chief Executives PA
ICT Systems Development Worker
Senior Marketing and Media Officer
Senior Researcher
9. To encourage innovation, ensure strong leadership, maintaining effective oversight and provide practical support to ultimately enable the following areas to develop and flourish:
ICT Systems 
Marketing, Media Relations and Communications
Stakeholder involvement, research and community engagement
10. To support PCP’s approach to Quality organisationally ensuring continuous improvement methodologies are emended, understood and utilized to improve practice.
11. To lead on the compilation of all relevant reports (internal and external) including quarterly monitoring reports, funder/commissioner reporting, and overseeing the production of PCP’s annual report.
12. To support business development, including tendering, bid compilation, fundraising, expansion opportunities or acquisitions. 
13. To ensure the effective, efficient and meaningful that PCP’s marketing function meet both the needs of staff and residents through the application of continuous improvement. 
14. To develop service delivery in line with best practice, quality standards and local opportunities.
15. To contribute to the planning, development, management and sustainability of projects and services in conjunction with the Executive Leadership Team.
16. To be an excellent ambassador for PCP and represent the organisation at a number of different forums and events.
1. To effectively demonstrate and carry out this management role in line with the organisation’s core values.
2. To provide line management and coaching support to employees, adhering to PCP’s policies and procedures.
3. To be responsible for the collation of appropriate monitoring and evaluation information to support the achievement of agreed targets and outcomes within the organisation, project or service
4. To provide accurate and timely internal and external reports as required.
5. To liaise with relevant teams to ensure that opportunities are maximized for service users/clients.
6. To adhere with financial processes and procedures and ensure that all resources purchased are within the allocated cost code budget(s).
7. To work to develop and apply appropriate monitoring, evaluation and quality tools in accordance with the quarterly performance monitoring procedures.
8. To ensure quality standards are developed and maintained.
9. To recruit, support, train and motivate staff and volunteers as required.
10.  To comply with PCP policy’s & procedures.
11.  To monitor and maintain health and safety and security within the workplace.
12.  To undertake any training and development deemed appropriate.
13.  To undertake any other such duties required by the Chief Executive.