Senior Associate and Agent

Contract Type: 
Fixed term
Full time
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, 28 October, 2020 - 12:00
Fixed Salary
Per Annum
Collective Impact Agency CIC

About us

The Collective Impact Agency (CIA) was borne out of a belief that the current system is not working for the people who need it the most, and so we want to help make ‘the system’ work better for people and communities. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to help organisations and people work together better. We build alliances, train people in our ‘anti-leadership’ methodology, and work as ‘system stewards’ to drive change at the system level through collective actions.

This might all sound a bit theoretical, so here are two real-life examples of really exciting work we’re involved in:

• VONNE Climate Action Alliance – Working closely with VONNE and other member organisations, we have helped to design and develop how exactly the alliance will work. We have led members through a facilitated process to deepen relationships, extend capacity, and determine priority actions for the whole alliance.

• Gateshead Multiple and Complex Needs initiative – Within Gateshead, there has been a recognition that there are multiple (12+) multi-agency groups that meet to plan how to support people with multiple and complex needs within the borough. Unfortunately, these groups do not link up well and often duplicate or even contradict each other’s decisions. Together with a small team of partners, we have been brought in to help the Gateshead system provide more joined-up, effective support for people with multiple and complex needs.

We’re a small start-up who have only existed for 18 months. As a Community Interest Company, we’re a not-for-profit organisation. We’re based in the North East of England, and most of our work to date has been within the region, though we are actively expanding.

About the role

The role we’re looking to fill is a brand-new role – just our third staff member so far. Since our work is so varied, we’re looking for someone who can develop and lead new projects within our world of collective impact. It can be very hard to pin this down to a simple list of ‘key responsibilities’, but here’s our best attempt:

• A strong focus on building and making the most of networks
• Establishing and growing relationships
• Facilitating and supporting partnerships
• Building alliances
• Proactively developing new opportunities for collective impact (e.g. joint funding bids)
• Facilitating workshops and training sessions
• Developing content for new sessions
• Supporting group learning through action inquiry processes
• Supporting people through change and turmoil
• Business development and associated administrative tasks

For more information including details of how to apply, please contact