Traveller Education Lead Worker

Contract Type: 
Fixed term
Part time
Application deadline: 
Friday, 21 February, 2020 - 14:30
Fixed Salary
Per Hour
Durham Area Youth

Brief description of role

The traveller community education worker will work within the West Rainton area and will help to organise and promote participation in local education and / or training opportunities to young people aged 14 - 19. This includes developing skills in literacy and numeracy, life skills or practical skills, such as budgeting, cooking, learning how to use a computer, CV writing and interview techniques.

You will work in a diverse community, in a community venue 

The traveller community education officers will work closely with course providers and external partners such as Schools. You will spend time developing positive working relationships with other community support workers and teachers. This will hopefully lead to changing the views on formal education, break down barriers and the young people will re-engage in education and attend school to receive qualifications.


You will be responsible for designing, leading and implementing the funder project linked to the travelling community. This will include the co-ordination of other staff supporting you with the project and ensuring having regular contact with other DAY staff in particular the Youth and Community Development Manager. 

You will also be required to write reports to funders and monitor and maintain targets that have been set out as part of the funding requirements.

You will plan and deliver activities that are wide-ranging and can vary greatly depending on the needs of the individuals engaging in the program.

Community education roles typically involve an element of community engagement to increase participation in informal, educational and recreational activities.

You'll typically need to:

  • help learners to overcome existing barriers to learning
  • work with individuals to create learning plans
  • formulate service plans and priorities in co-operation with other providers
  • encourage and influence the development of new learning opportunities through formal and informal classes as well as individual tutoring and mentoring
  • support the development of community or local voluntary groups
  • identify the training needs of local volunteers and provide for them
  • undertake the administration and evaluation of provision and report to advisory bodies and management groups
  • engage with individuals and community groups, such as residents' associations, parents' groups and young people
  • identify local interests and needs and ways to meet them



Skills and knowledge

You'll need to have:

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • the ability to relate to, motivate and empathise with a range of people from different backgrounds
  • a good understanding of the travelling community and their morals and values
  • a demonstrable respect for equality and diversity and the ability to promote equal opportunity practices
  • persistence and resilience
  • a range of group-work skills, from creating and leading a group to be participative members
  • the ability to work independently, making decisions and using initiative to establish projects
  • good planning and organisational skills
  • experience of delivering Duke of Edinburgh, ASDAN and other informal education programs that offer nationally recognised qualifications
  • a high level of creativity and problem-solving ability as helping people to overcome barriers can be challenging
  • a flexible approach and the ability to cope with change
  • the ability to interpret, communicate and implement complex information
  • the ability to reflect constructively on current practice and adapt accordingly.

You need to have an appreciation of diverse communities, as well as an understanding of methods of engagement for 'hard to reach' groups.


  • Minimum Level 2 Youth Work or Minimum Level 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience planning, delivering and evaluating ASDAN and DofE within informal settings
  • Experience of managing staff and volunteers
  • Understanding of the current methods of teaching young people basic maths and English
  • Ability to work within a team on various levels
  • Experience in managing volunteers
  • Experience in writing CV’s and support in employability skills
  • Experience of working within the GRT community


  • Experience of working with in school education support setting
  • Experience of writing reports and Individual Learning Plans
  • Experience of community development

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