Jigsaw Recovery Project
Contract Type: 
Trustee (unpaid)
Closing date: 
Sunday, 30 June, 2019 - 12:30
Tyne and Wear

Jigsaw Recovery Project 

Trustee Opportunity 

  • What do we do? 

Young people face several challenges today. Entering adulthood comes with its own demands. We at Jigsaw Recovery Project are at hand to help with that transition. Not only do our staff have lived in experience but are qualified to offer a holistic approach to young people.  

We work with several local authorities in the northeast to help young people live a more rounded, successful and independent life. We use innovative engagement methods to give young people the opportunity to grow into adulthood. 

We have a non-judgemental approach, where the aim is to give young people the opportunity to live their dream.  

We look to give young people a platform where they can be heard. We also offer family mediation to strengthen broken relationships between every young person and their family building stable home environments.   


  • Why join us and become a Trustee? 

This is a role that is voluntary. You will be involved in the future expansion of Jigsaw Recovery Project and offer advice on the future services that we provide.   

You will have the opportunity to meet people and partners from various diverse backgrounds, all of which are interested in support young people in their future journey. Sharing your knowledge and experience to enhance Jigsaw Recovery Project in its future endeavours. 

You will be asked to attend: 

  • Quarterly Board Meetings 

  • Involvement in policy and strategic planning of the Jigsaw Recovery Project future endeavours. 

  • Offer advice and guidance to the company directors. 


We are looking for likeminded individuals, ideally those with any combination of the following backgrounds and skills: 

  • Policy & Legislative understanding 

  • Management specific to the children & young person social care sector 

  • Management of supported housing  

  • Experience of clinical supervision 



Jigsaw Recovery Project is passionate about working with young people, local government, and system change. 

If you think you are the person who could help us?  

Do you want to come along and join us?  

HOW TO APPLY-Please write a 500-800 words describing what you would bring to JRP including skills, experience, passion and knowledge. Tells us why you are attracted to this post.