Application deadline: 
Sunday, 13 September, 2020 - 09:00
The Millfield House Foundation

Established in 1976, Millfield House Foundation is a small, innovative grant-maker funding policy work with the aim of reducing poverty and inequality in the North East of England. Through support for our regularly-funded Strategic Partners, and very occasional one-off grants, the Foundation promotes policy change by funding organisations and work that inform discussion and influence public policy. We focus on the underlying causes of poverty and inequality and are interested in the opportunities that exist at a local and regional level to bring about positive policy changes.

Our Approach

We take a relational approach to our grant-making, working alongside the organisations we fund (our Strategic Partners) as we learn together how best to effect policy change. In addition to grant funding, we provide opportunities for our Strategic Partners to work together, share expertise and learn from one another.

The Foundation supports Strategic Partners over an extended period by giving core funding. Each new partnership is decided after considerable discussion and is based on the Foundation’s experience and observation of the prospective partner at work. Strategic Partners work on policy and campaigning as an essential rather than an additional part of their core purpose. The Foundation's grant making budget is around £300k per annum, funded through our endowment which is ethically managed.

The Board meets three times a year and there are opportunities to visit our Strategic Partners and engage with other trusts and foundations via our membership of the Association of Charitable Foundations.

For more information on our purpose and values visit our website.

New Trustees

We are looking to recruit trustees who bring an interest and/or expertise in:

  • how policy change happens, at either a local or a national level
  • the underlying causes of poverty and inequality in the North East
  • the role of individuals, communities, voluntary, public and business sector organisations in bringing about change
  • how local, regional and national infrastructure and networks operate

We particularly welcome candidates from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and candidates with experience of disability and accessibility issues, as these experiences are currently under-represented on the Board.

A full induction programme, with visits to Strategic Partners, will be provided. Mentoring is also available if this would be your first trusteeship.

If you would like to apply, please send us your CV with a covering letter explaining why you want to join the MHF Board to

For an informal chat about what the role involves, please email the Trust Manager to arrange a convenient time.