Application deadline: 
Monday, 22 March, 2021 - 12:00
Northumbria Coalition Against Crime

The Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (‘the Coalition’) is seeking new recruits to join its Trustee Board, including a Treasurer to succeed the existing post-holder who stands down in May 2021.

The Coalition, established in 1990, has established track record of effective interventions to reduce crime and the fear of crime through its Business Crime Reduction and Youth and Communities Programmes.

Thanks to flexible working by its staff team it has successfully maintained both programmes through the period of COVID restrictions, and under its recently appointed part-time CEO it will be seeking funding for a significant expansion of the charity’s work in response to identified demand.

The Trustee Board meets six times per year.


Founded 1990 with the aim of working with communities to reduce crime in the region, the Coalition believes that early intervention, to deter or divert people from offending, is a much better solution for the potential offender, for the potential victim and for society as a whole,  than intervening only after the offence has been committed. For young people especially, from low income households, with low self-esteem and poor academic achievement, the pathway to offending and to a criminal record is too easily followed.

Based in Gateshead the charity operates across two divisions – the Business Crime Reduction programme and the Youth & Communities programme. It employs 10 staff and has an annual turnover of £1/4million. 

The Business Crime Reduction programme works with retail businesses and agencies to identify threats to safety and reduce financial losses by deterring and detecting crime. Its North East Retail Crime Partnership covers an area from Berwick to North Yorkshire providing training and a highly efficient information sharing and support network for retail businesses and police.

This programme’s is upon prevention as the main remedy for retail crime. Tailored initiatives and campaigns are run aimed at targeting trending issues and future criminality. This includes working in partnership to educate and deter young people from crime, investing in their futures

The Youth & Communities programme’s Odysseus Mentoring Project has an outstanding record of working with young people at risk of offending, providing them with the positive adult role model of the mentor to help them make better choices about their future lives. The results are frequently a marked reduction in offending and much improved family relationships.

An independent evaluation of the programme concluded: “Feedback from young people has been universally positive and underlines the value and benefit of mentoring from the perspective of a vulnerable young person.

The Trustee Board

The Trustee Board meets six times per year with the CEO and senior programme staff in attendance.

Each of the two programmes is served by a Steering Group, the aim of which is to support the programme heads with respect to relevant sectoral knowledge and operational practice, allowing the Board to be more focused on strategy and overall risk management.

The current Board members are

Philip Angier (Chair), Eric Wilkins (Treasurer), Dave Harris, Daniel Welsh, Iain Jamieson

In addition, a senior officer in Northumbria Police attends Board meetings as an observer (but is constrained from acting as a Director by their terms of employment)

Vacancies have arisen due to the retirement of long-standing board members retiring and one standing down due to other commitments.

Eric Wilkins, our Treasurer, will also be standing down in May 2021.

The role of Trustee is unremunerated.

The Skills & Experience we are seeking

The principal qualities we are looking for in new Trustees are:-

  • an interest in and a sympathy with the charity’s purpose and aims
  • an understanding of charity governance and Trustee responsibilities
  • a willing to contribute a modest amount of time between Board meetings to support the work of the charity

Specifically we would welcome sectoral knowledge and experience in any of the following areas:-

  • Finance and accountancy (see also Treasurer role below)
  • Youth and community work/mentoring
  • Human Resources
  • Information and technology systems
  • Communications and social media
  • Business and Economy
  • Criminal Justice Policy and Legislation
  • Academic Research
  • Local Government

Role of Treasurer

To fill the role of Treasurer we are seeking an individual who finance and accountancy skills who also has some understanding of charity finance and accounting. In addition to her/his general Trustee responsibilities the Treasurer will

  • Scrutinise and review management accounts and cash flow projections
  • Assist and support the CEO in setting an annual budget
  • Highlight principal areas of financial risk for the staff and Trustees, including the charity’s reserves policy
  • Liaise as necessary with the charity’s external accountants and auditors
  • Provide best practice advice in relation to internal financial control

How to Apply

Those interest are invited to send a current CV and a covering letter to: by 22nd March  2021.

Further information is available from the Coaltion’s Chair: Philip Angier    0797112623