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youth Focus: North East
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Established in 1989, Youth Focus: North East is a regional hub connecting young people and the organisations and professionals who support them. Progressive and dynamic, our award-winning organisation is rooted in the values of youth work. We support a network of over 1500 organisations and individuals concerned with improving the lives of young people. Supporting the development of quality services – we want young people to have the best from the organisations they access and the professionals who work with them.
We see the potential, not the problems, in young people. We develop responses and demonstration projects that attempt to address big issues in young people’s lives. We also create space for young people to explore different issues and ideas; working alongside them to formulate responses.
Youth Focus: North East amplifies the voice of young people so they can be heard and we open up doors to new opportunities for both young people and professionals across the North East.

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Youth Homeless North East
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Youth Homeless NE is an independent, action driven community of young people, strategists, commissioners and providers of youth homeless services.

Our vision
‘No young person should be homeless’

We aim to: Prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness experienced by young people aged 16 – 25 years old in the North East through;

• Influencing policy and strategy
• Providing a voice for young people
• Promoting innovation and best practice
• Campaigning to end youth homelessness

Youth Homeless NE works collaboratively across the region with young people and organisations that play a role in responding to youth homelessness.

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Zayis Raanon
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ZENDEH Productions
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ZENDEH recognises that each artist is diverse. ZENDEH seeks artistic quality by engaging with ideas of origins, inherited cultural identity, experiences of trans-nationals and the need for a diaspora to belong as well as simultaneously to be a nomad. The freedom to explore these ideas are our human right, it is what guides us through the global and local socio-political tides of change, enabling ZENDEH to make great art for everyone.

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