Accessibility changes to our funding directory coming soon

As you may know, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we made our online Funding Directory available to all, to help the VCSE sector in the North East access support.

We've also been sending our Funding Information North East (FINE) ebulletin to all VONNE subscribers since the onset of the coronavirus crisis. But from 1st September, the directory, which contains details of more than 100 charitable trusts and foundations, will revert once again to being a benefit for our Silver and Gold Membership+ supporters, and also from September, the FINE bulletin will only be sent to Membership+ supporters that subscribe.

We rely on our Membership+ subscriptions as a significant contributor to our core costs and have seen a marked drop in this income over the last five months. We hope you've found receiving the FINE bulletin and accessing the directory useful and we are sorry we can’t extend access to these benefits for any longer. 

Should you wish to continue to access them, please consider joining our Membership+ supporter scheme, which contains these and a whole host of other benefits. Organisations with a turnover of less than £50k a year can apply for a free Bronze Membership+ subscription, or Silver Membership+ at a heavily discounted fee of just £64.