Celebrate local action on climate change during Great Big Green Week 2021

In September communities across the country will join together for the The Climate Coalition’s Great Big Green Week.

Taking place from September 18th - 26th, Great Big Green Week will be the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. Thousands of events will celebrate how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved too.

Activities will range from art installations, to concerts to community stalls, to climate cafes, and everything in between; hosted by teachers, bus drivers, sport clubs, artists, community groups, places of worship, builders and anyone who cares about climate change.

Great Big Green Week community hubs will celebrate local activity, raise the profile of climate change and show why it is relevant to your community and local decision makers. National organisations, institutions, businesses and media outlets will join in, getting more people involved up and down the country, and putting pressure on the UK Government to up its game on climate change.

There are many ways that you can get involved. From activities you can do at home to organising a Green Week in your community, you can help The Climate Coalition make history and be part of the biggest climate event the UK has ever seen.

For more information and to get involved visit the Great Big Green Week website.