Consultancy offer for VCSEs

Newcastle University Careers Service is offering the opportunity to social enterprises, charitable organisations and start-ups to have a team of skilled students work on proposing solutions to a challenge you face in your organisation, who will produce a report giving a full overview of their approach and a fully costed and rationalised ‘solution’ – the idea being that your organisation could pick up the report and make it happen. 

This year, thanks to Santander Universities funding, the students taking this module can apply for funding to actualise the solution so participating organisations could access free support to overcome identified challenges.

All you need to do to be considered as a Consultancy ‘Client’ is read the Consultancy Offer guidance and complete the simple Client Brief Template and return the completed template to by no later than Thursday 24th January 2019.  Vicky will then contact you within a week to confirm your place in the project.

Some examples of past projects:

Last year our student project teams helped a Start-Up business scope out new markets for their services to help with their growth strategy.  The student team were able to help them better understand the way their new target organisations operated and offered the business Founders sensible and easy-to-achieve steps to implement and offered some examples of text to use in carrying out these steps.

One of the charitable organisations working with our student teams last year needed to find a suitable way for them to capture and measure the impact of their interventions and services on their clients and to help them continue to win funding to support their activities.  The student team presented a new impact framework to be implemented, which aligned with many well-reputed projects and helped to capture impact in a holistic manner.  They were also able to connect them to a local organisation to trial a digital impact measurement tool and potentially a new network of support.

We hope you are able to grab this opportunity with both hands and benefit from the skills and enthusiasm the students bring team and the application of their learning around creative problem solving, marketing, finance, and market research.  If you would like to discuss the suitability of a project idea with Vicky beforehand then please email her ( or call 0191 2085563.