Digital funding and support for Tees Valley charities


DigitalCity at Teesside University has an amazing opportunity for Tees Valley VCSE organisations to help you investigate how digital can help you deliver services more efficiently.

DigitalCity can access funding to help you collaborate with each other around common areas of interest. Working with VONNE, we want to offer this to the sector and hear from you what your challenges are.

For example, you could have administrative tasks which could be automated to save you time and money. You may need to operate in different ways due to Covid-19 restrictions and digital/technology could play a huge role in supporting you with this.

We can help you answer key questions:

  • Which are the best areas of your operation to investigate where digital may have the biggest impact?
  • Who can help you investigate?
  • Where do you find trusted advisors that don’t have vested interests?
  • How can you trust that the methods suggested will reap the benefits sold to you?
  • How can you ensure that making changes won’t adversely affect what you currently deliver?

DigitalCity will cover the costs of hiring impartial experts who will help you find common areas of interest and assist you in collaborating with one another. We don’t just want to help one organisation; we want to help the sector.

If you are up for the challenge and willing to share some time, we are extremely keen to support you on your digital journey.

Organisations that we have already worked with include:

Darlington Association on Disability

Darlington Association on Disability (DAD) undertook a 3-day assist through DigitalCity, receiving expert consultancy support that helped make radical changes to its processes.

This included the integration of Charitylog- an IT system that simplifies and speeds up a range of admin and project management tasks, plus recommendations for mobile working solutions and advice on how to improve their payroll system. As a result, the organisation is able to future proof its processes and work in a much more efficient manner.

Tees Music Alliance (TMA)

Tees Music Alliance is a not for profit organisation currently receiving support from DigitalCity to digitalise its live music event service and renew its income stream, which has been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A research project is underway to highlight the available live streaming solutions that can be integrated into the organisations website and delivered in a ‘pay-per-view’ format to generate an alternative income. DigitalCity is also providing assistance on the funding opportunities available to help finance the project.

Next steps:

If you have a challenge you’d like support with please tell us about it. We will contact you to discuss further and then arrange for organisations to come together with DigitalCity experts.

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