Discussion Paper - Impact of COVID-19 on Violence against Women & Girls

This paper, and recommendations, have been developed from conversation and research with a broad range of specialist Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) service providers across Northumbria in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, examining its specific impact on the sector. Evidence on the impact of COVID-19 remains at an early stage and we are reliant on news articles and anecdotal reports from the sector. This is the first consultation paper seeking to gather evidence and information specific to Northumbria.

The organisations behind the paper are very clear that other areas and welcome to use this report and recommendations as a basis for similar within their areas and they are very happy for other services to replicate the process in their own areas .


There are two issues of interest in the collective approach that is demonstrated through this paper:

One – what are the practical immediate and medium term steps we, collectively as service providers, need to put in place to address what we all recognise as an increased risk.

Two – the value in specialist services coming together and speaking with a collective voice.