Domestic Abuse Partnership Board seeks VCSE representative

Hartlepool Borough Council is looking to recruit a second VCSE representative to the local Domestic Abuse Partnership Board, which has been set up as a requirement of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

The goal of the board is to reduce the incidence of domestic abuse in Hartlepool by developing a strategy to tackle the problem. Members of the board will also seek to listen to victims, learn from their lived experiences and engage them in shaping and developing local responses.

HartlePower Community Interest Company (CIC) has been asked to oversee the selection of a second VCSE representative to sit on the board alongside Harbour, a local domestic abuse charity. In the interest of promoting diversity and inclusion, the new representative will be recruited from an organisation led by a minority group, which supports people in that same group that are experiencing domestic abuse – this could include the Black community, or LGBT people.

Those hoping to join the board as the new VCSE representative must first self-nominate. This can be done by contacting by December 3rd.

Organisations that have questions about the board, or their eligibility to apply, should contact Sally Robinson, Director of Children’s and Joint Commissioning Services at Hartlepool Borough Council, at