Durham Police and Crime Plan Refreshed

Durham Police and Crime Commissioner, Ron Hogg,  has produced a police and crime plan which sets out Ron’s vision "To achieve excellence in local policing and the highest levels of public confidence by working alongside communities and partners to address what matters locally."

The plan was subject to public consultation from 22nd December 2014 to 15th February 2015, and further revisions have been made to the plan following the consultation.  This final refreshed Plan was endorsed by the Police and Crime Panel at their meeting on the 3rd March 2015.  

The plan has been restructured and sets out a clearer vision, from which stem four objectives, under which there are key areas of focus.  The new objectives and key areas of focus are as follows:

  • Inspire Confidence
    • Improve my engagement with the communities across County Durham and Darlington.
    • Make our policing service visible and accessible at all times.
  •  Support Victims
    • Commission effective, appropriate and efficient services for victims.
    • Deliver the Regional Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy.
    • Reduce the incidence and impact of domestic abuse in all its forms.
    • Reduce the impact of hate crime.
  • Keeping Communities Safe
    • Deliver the Strategic Policing Requirement and understand and tackle emerging threats. 
    • Tackle anti-social behaviour
    • Improve road safety by tackling careless and dangerous driving, speeding and other related road safety issues.
    • Work with partners to improve the service proved to those with poor mental health (victims and offenders). 
  •  Cross cutting area of key area of focus: Reduce reoffending.
  • Deliver an efficient policing service
    • Value for Money 
    • Robust accountability and performance management.

The plan continues to have a strong emphasis on Partnership Working. For each of the key areas of focus it states what the PCC will do, what the Constabulary will to do, and what is hoped to be achieved with partners.  Page 7 of the plan shows how the PCC objectives and areas of focus align to the priorities of both the Safe Durham Partnership and the Darlington Community Safety Partnerships.
The Plan can be downloaded from the Police and Crime Commissioner's website http://www.durham-pcc.gov.uk/Your-PCC/Police-and-Crime-Plan/Police-and-Crime-Plan.aspx.