Environmental report prioritises fairness in green transition

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has published the final report of its Environmental Justice Commission, which proposes an optimistic and collaborative strategy for overcoming the climate crisis.

'Fairness and Opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition' approaches climate change from an alternative perspective, viewing it not only as an intimidating obstacle but also as an opportunity to build a better world. Based on hundreds of hours of conversation with citizens’ jurors from across the UK, the report argues that governments, businesses and communities have both a duty and an opportunity to reduce emissions in a fair and equitable way. It challenges these groups to offer a ‘people’s dividend’ — benefits like warmer homes, a cleaner, affordable and accessible transport system and high-quality jobs that will sustain people and our natural world.

The commission highlights the power of public involvement in addressing the climate crisis, and advocates for the right of communities to have a greater say in how budgets are spent. It also makes over 100 further recommendations, including:

  • Introducing a funded right to retrain in green jobs.
  • Cultivating more green, biodiverse spaces.
  • Making all local public transport across the UK free at the point of use by 2030.
  • Introducing a grant and loan scheme to help households insulate their homes and replace their gas boilers.

The Commission’s report aims to put fairness at the heart of the green transition, and is backed by figures such as Hilary Benn MP and the Green Party's Caroline Lucas MP. To find out more, read it in full on the IPPR website.