Final evaluation published following North East Collaboration Action Fund projects

Three years ago, a handful of people from the private, public and voluntary sectors got together to start a regionwide conversation about collaboration, forming the North East Collaboration Working Group.

The question explored was: ‘If we agreed to find ways to get past any real or perceived barriers, what would it look like if collaboration were the norm across the North East, and how can we take the first steps towards making it happen?’

The group set out to achieve four things:

  • To produce inspiring case studies of current examples of collaboration in our region
  • To run Action Learning Sets to enable leaders to learn together
  • To hold a successful conference (more than 160 delegates attended in November 2018)
  • Launch the Collaboration Action Fund to create space for potential collaboration partnerships.

The eight partnerships have now concluded the first part of their work to set the right foundations for their really exciting projects. An evaluation of this work is now available thanks to Joanne James of Newcastle University. Thanks also to the funders that supported this work – Virgin Money Foundation, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Lily Lewis.

The report outlines the learning from these partnerships across themes including leadership, risk, vulnerability, power dynamics, time and motivation. We hope this will inspire you to start or carry on collaborating!