Funders Spotlight - Garfield Weston Foundation

We spoke with the Garfield Weston Foundation to find out about their new, one-off fund as they celebrate their 60th Anniversary..


1. What are your current funding priorities? 

In addition to our priorities of organisations working within Welfare, Youth and Community across the UK and with a particular interest in the North of England and Wales, we have recently launched a one-off fund to support Capital projects that will benefit local Communities – the Weston Anniversary Fund. This fund is only running in 2018 which is our 60th Anniversary year.


2. Are there any applications that you are struggling to bring in that you would encourage?

For the Weston Anniversary Fund, we are keen to see applications from grass-roots charities that have Capital projects to improve existing, or create new community facilities. Grants range from £30,000 - £150,000 and eligible projects can cost no more than £300,000 in total.


3. Are there any key pieces of advice you would give groups to help them submit quality applications and increase their chances of being successful?

Read the guidelines – and then read them again! We’ve tried to ensure that we’ve pre-empted any questions organisations may have on our website and we hope we’ve made it easy to apply. 


4. When is the next deadline and how do groups go about applying?

The deadline is 30th June 2018. Applications can be made online from our anniversary website 

And for our Regular Grants, we have a rolling programme so there are no deadlines that organisations need to worry about – we review applications in the order that we receive them and try to get a response back within four months. See the Foundation website