Funders Spotlight - Lloyds Bank Foundation

Funders Spotlight - Lloyds Bank Foundation

Up to £100,000 (over three years). Registered charities (income £25k-£1m). No deadline (decision expected within five months).

Lloyds Bank Foundation’s new grants programme opened on December 2nd, 2019. The foundation has been redeveloping its grant-making and application processes to better deliver its ambition to support charities with funding at a higher level for longer, giving greater flexibility over how they use those resources, and providing a range of development support, as well as seeking to influence the policy and practice affecting them and those they serve. Charities with a proven track record of helping people on a journey of positive change through in-depth, holistic and person-centred support can apply.

The foundation wants to be open and transparent with charities, make best use of their time in applying and be clearer in advance which charities and areas it is more likely to be able to support. Charities are hard-pressed for time and the foundation doesn’t want them wasting time on filling in applications with no prospect of success. Therefore, it has designed a new process that will offer tailored guidance based on a charity’s location and the complex social issue they address. Depending on which of the foundation’s complex social issues applicants are working to address, and the part of England or Wales that they work in, the foundation’s website eligibility checker will let charities know whether they can apply for up to £45,000 or up to £100,000, both over three years. The foundation aims to award 60 per cent of their grantees continuation funding for up to six years.

Charities should be helping people dealing with the following complex social issues:

  • domestic and sexual abuse
  • sexual exploitation
  • mental health
  • homelessness and the vulnerably housed
  • offending, prison or community service
  • care leavers
  • learning disabilities
  • addiction or dependency on alcohol, drugs, substances and/or gambling
  • trafficking and modern slavery
  • young parents
  • asylum seekers and refugees.

The application process involves completing a brief expression of interest – if eligible, charities will be sent a short form and a call will be scheduled with one of the foundation’s advisors within two weeks. 

In 2020, the foundation will only be able to make around 170 new grants, half of which will be for £100,000 over three years and the other half for £45,000 over three years.