Funders Spotlight - Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Foundation aims to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. They have a particular interest in supporting young people and a strong belief in the importance of the arts.

Funding is available across the following strategic priorities:

  • Nurturing ideas and people
  • Arts access and participation
  • Education and learning through the arts
  • Investing in young people
  • Migration and Integration

Across most of these are various funds that organisations can apply to, on a rolling basis (deadlines vary – see website for more information):



Ideas and Pioneers Fund

The Fund supports people with unusual or radical ideas to improve the life chances and opportunities of people in the UK. The Foundation wants to work with people whose ideas are in the early stages of development and will consider funding work to enable development of the idea from concept to set-up. Grants of up to £10,000 (£15,000 in exceptional circumstances) are available.



Access and Participation Fund

The Foundation is interested in ensuring that a wider and more diverse group of people have access to quality artistic practice through providing funding to support organisations to test, implement and develop ambitious plans to widen access to and deepen participation in the arts



Arts-based Learning Fund:

The overall purpose of this fund is to support arts organisations working with schools, colleges and other education environments to improve the evidence base for their work, so that they can do more to enhance the lives, development and achievements of children and young people.



Youth Fund

The Youth Fund supports organisations whose main purpose is about helping young people (aged 14-25) in the most precarious positions, where making the transition to adult independence is most challenging, and those who are most vulnerable. Between £10,000 and £60,000 is available, normally for two years.

Act for Change (currently invite only; to open to unsolicited applications January 2019)

A joint initiative between Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (EFF) in partnership with #iwill, the Act for Change Fund will promote the potential of young people with experience of disadvantage to devise and develop activities and programmes to shape the world around them. It aims to create a more diverse group of social, cultural and political leaders for the future. They expect most grants to be in the range of £80,000-£100,000 over two years.



Shared Ground

The fund will provide organisations with the financial support they need to test new approaches and explore ways of addressing new challenges in this area of great change and uncertainty. It will also support organisations with an already strong track record of achievement with substantial help to achieve a greater impact.