GoodGym runners seek volunteering opportunities in and around Newcastle

GoodGym Newcastle are currently looking for tasks in Newcastle. 

GoodGym is a charity that combines exercise and volunteering, allowing runners to use their run to do a good deed in the local community. Runners meet every Monday evening at 6:15pm, run together to the charity location in or around Newcastle and then help out for 45 minutes or so. With an average of 23 runners weekly that’s 17 hours of volunteering in one night!  The only requirement is having someone available on the night to let us in and lock up afterwards. 

Goodgym volunteers love cleaning, hauling and gardening and would especially like to help if you have any arduous task that requires a lot of hands

If Monday night isn't possible GoodGym also do Community Missions which can be listed at any time but tend to attract a smaller group of volunteers.

Examples of previous activities are available online.

If you’d like to discuss an idea with someone from GoodGym you can email Newcastle group run leader