Guide to adding jobs to our site - new process and FAQs

If it's your first time adding a job to our website please read our guide below. Our process for adding jobs gives you more control over editing your job once its live, reduces our admin costs and keep our prices low for you.

Payment is upfront

Please be aware you'll need to pay for the job upfront using a Paypal account or Credit/Debit card. This means the job will go live on our site straight away rather than waiting for us to approve it.  The rates are per job advert £45 for members, £75 for non-members (+ VAT if applicable).

Create an Account

You'll need to create an account with our website, just click on Login at the top of this screen and 'Create an Account' and follow the instructions. This means you'll be able to create a job and still edit them once live, right up to the closing date of the job.

Register for VAT Exemption

If you are a registered charity or meet other conditions set by HMRC then you won't need to pay VAT on our job adverts. Go to My Account and click the link to our VAT exemption form, it gets submitted to us and within 24hours we'll check it and approve.

4 easy steps to add a job

  1. Login to your account, or create an account.
  2. Go to Jobs, click List your Vacancy.
  3. You'll be taken to Paypal to pay using a debit/credit card or Paypal account.
  4. Click Return to VONNE website and you'll be taken to Create your Job page. Fill in the details, and the job goes straight onto our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?
Go to Login and click on Create an Account.

But my organisation is already a VONNE member?
You'll still need to create an individual account with our website to add jobs/events.

My colleague needs to add a job, will they be able to create an account?
Yes, they can create their own account. They should put in the full name of your member organisation when signing up so that the system automatically connects them.

Our charity doesn't have a credit/debit card or Paypal, how do we pay?
Some of our advertisers use their own personal cards to pay then claim it back on expenses. As more shopping is done online these days, many charities are having to adpat to new payments, so you may need to prepare for paying for more items online. 

Why don't you send invoices any more?
By not issuing invoices we're keeping our admin costs to a minimum, we can then pass these savings on to you by keeping our advertising rates as low as possible.

I've forgotten my login details!
As long as you can remember the email address used, just click on the link Resend my Password. Otherwise give us a ring on 0191 233 2000.

I'm stuck, something has gone wrong!
Give Carrie or Angela a ring on 0191 233 2000 and we're happy to help!

I'm not sure if we are VONNE members?
When you create your account online it asks you for your organisation name. It will try and match you with an existing member organisaiton record, but sometimes the spelling you've used might be different to what we have on record, so just give us a ring if you believe your organisation is a member and you aren't getting the discounted rate.

I want to add a job but I'm not a VONNE member, can I still add one?
You can still add a job, you'll be charged the higher non-member rate. Don't forget its free to join VONNE as a member, just visit

I think I've been charged the wrong amount.
Just give Carrie or Angela a ring on 0191 2332000 and we'll take a look into it. If there has been a mistake we can quickly refund you the difference.

I've got more than 1 job to add today, do I pay for them all at once?
You'll need to pay for each job separately and add them one at a time.

I've got more than 1 job to add today, can I put them all in one advert?
If its for the same role, same salary, then yes (i.e. 2 x Development Workers at £25,000). If its for different roles then no, you'll need to add them and pay for them separately.

I need to change something in my advert, how do I change it?
Just login to the site, go to My Account and you'll see your job listed there. Click on the job to edit and re-save it, right up until the closing date.

How long can I put a job on for?
The limit is 90 days.

Why am I being charged VAT?
VONNE is VAT registered (number 194 2519 90) and therefore needs to charge VAT on job adverts. For charitable organisations (which are the vast majority of our advertisers) VAT will be charged at 0%, so there is nothing to pay. For others, the VAT will be 20%.

If you believe your organisation is VAT exempt then you just need to fill in our VAT exemption form which you'll find under My Account once you've created a website account with us. Evidence to provide is either:

  • a charity registration number OR
  • your HMRC Charities recognition reference number (see how to apply for this) OR
  • or demonstrate that you are either ‘excepted' or ‘exempt' in a written statement.

A charity is excepted if its income is £100,000 or less AND it is a

  • church and chapel belonging to some Christian denominations
  • charity that provide premises for some types of schools
  • Scout and Guide group
  • charitable service fund of the armed forces

Exempt charities include:

  • most universities in England
  • many national museums and galleries
  • some school governing bodies or academy trusts

See Charity Commission full guidance on excepted and exempt charities



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