Help us design a digital skills training programme to meet your needs

Even before Covid-19, it was widely recognised there were significant digital skills gaps amongst individuals and organisations in the VCSE sector.

During the pandemic and as we enter recovery, we’ve seen a greater need to work remotely, as well as demand for services to move online, making the need for digital skills and the drive for organisations to be more agile and adapt at pace more critical.

We know this is a real challenge for VCSE sector organisations and their teams, both staff and volunteers, and the need for relevant training is crucial. With this aim, VONNE is working in partnership with North East Local Infrastructure Organisations, New College Durham and the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) to develop free or low cost digital skills training for the sector.

To help inform this work, we’re launching two surveys – one for individuals to share their needs, and the other for VCSE leaders to give an overview of the needs within their organisations. Both surveys take around 10 minutes and are mainly multiple choice.

We want to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible to get a comprehensive picture across the VCSE sector locally, so please do respond on behalf of your organisation and ask your teams to complete the survey for individuals.

Responses will be aggregated anonymously and both surveys close at 12 noon on 14th September.

The digital skills survey on organisational need can be completed at, while the survey for individuals is at