IPPR: The charity workforce in post-Brexit Britain

IPPR have published their report examining the potential implications of Brexit on the charity sector labour market, whilst considering how the government and the sector can work together to ensure the charity workforce thrives after the UK leaves the EU.

The report includes a series of recommendations for how the future immigration system should meet the needs of the charity sector and the wider labour market, and for how the government and the charity sector should prepare their skills and employment policy now to account for the expected changes to the immigration rules after Brexit

"The charity sector is far from immune from the effects of Brexit. As the UK leaves the EU and imposes restrictions on the free movement of people, parts of the charity sector – particularly social work and residential care – risk facing a ‘perfect storm’ of high employee churn, skills shortages, low pay, and increasing labour demand."

Read the full report online via IPPR's website.

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