Jane Hartley steps down as CEO of VONNE

I have stepped down from the CEO role at VONNE and handed over the mantle to Carol Botten who will I’m sure be a great CEO, especially with the support of Lisa Goodwin (formerly of VODA) as her new deputy.  

However, our paths may cross again as I will still be working with VONNE on a part time associate basis as their Health & Wellbeing lead. If you wish to receive locally relevant health and wellbeing info then email Abi.lunn@vonne.org.uk and state health and wellbeing in the subject line and we will add you to the relevant mailing list.

I will also be working with NHS England as the North East Regional Social Prescribing Facilitator on a very part time basis seeking to carry on the legacy of the Building Health Partnerships Programme North East and establish a Regional Social Prescribing Network, encourage and strengthen links between social prescribing within the region, contribute to social prescribing development locally and provide feedback to national development. If you wish to be part of the North East Social Prescribing Network or have a team member who does and want to be added to the Network distribution list and receive the national social prescribing newsletter then email socialprescribing@outlook.com stating you are based in the north east.

I hope you will continue to collaborate with Carol and the team at VONNE and I look forward to hopefully continuing to work with you, albeit in a different capacity when I get back from a very long holiday in Australia in mid-October.

Jane Hartley