Make recruiting people easier with VONNE Jobs

Save time and money with our new recruitment support and salary benchmarking services.

Our members tell us they struggle to find effective, affordable, sector specific recruitment support in the North East.

We know many VCSE sector organisations don’t have specialist HR staff, and recruiting the right person for your team takes time that could be better spent on your day job.

Our new recruitment support service can help you by:

  • Sending out application forms
  • Fielding enquiries from candidates
  • Organising shortlisting and interview
  • Arranging room hire for interviews

All at an exclusive introductory price of £350+VAT for Membership+ subscribers (£500+VAT Non-Membership+).

VONNE’s recruitment support service builds on our reputation as the region’s VCSE sector specialist jobs advertising service and responds to needs identified by our members in our last membership survey.

To discuss your requirements or find out more please contact


Salary benchmarking service in partnership with Ethical HR

As the region’s VCSE sector specialist jobs advertiser VONNE holds a huge amount of data on salaries. In 2014 we produced a salary review for the North East VCSE sector and we have now published a follow up which is freely available to VONNE Membership+ subscribers.

Using this data, and with expertise provided by Ethical HR, we are thrilled to announce our own salary benchmarking service which will:

  • Provide you with insight into fair and appropriate wages in the region
  • Deliver a quality service at cheaper rates than private sector agencies
  • Support VONNE’s work and allow us to continue to strengthen the sector

Rates start at £350 per role or £1200 for a report covering up to five key roles in your organisation. We are happy to discuss bespoke packages depending on your needs.

To discuss our salary benchmarking service please contact


We will also be developing more exciting HR services in 2019 that support you to do more, and focus on what’s important to your organisation. Watch this space…!