National Citizen Service summer youth programme open for applications

The National Citizen Service (NCS) summer 2021 youth programme is open for applications from 16 and 17-year-olds across the North East.

This summer, NCS is offering two programmes – one is three weeks long, and the other is two weeks long. The programme gives young people the opportunity to meet new friends, navigate fun and exciting new challenges together, and learn life skills. They'll also find out more about their local community and work together as a team to turn passion into action, delivering a social action project that tackles an issue that’s important to them. 

Local football clubs, charities and councils form the NCS network and come together to deliver the best possible NCS experience for young people across England. Partners in the North East include Catch22, Flying Futures, Groundwork, Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation, Headliners, Inspira, Learn By Design, Middlesbrough FC Foundation, Newcastle United Foundation and Sunderland Foundation of Light.

More information for professionals working with young people about what they can expect from an NCS programme and how to sign up in their area can be found in this NCS information leaflet.