NE VCSE employers survey relating to post-Brexit migration policy

As part of preparations for Brexit, the Migration Advisory Committee have recommended that in order to limit immigration post Brexit the Government should adopt a salary level to decide which staff will need to seek approval to work in the UK under new visa arrangements.

The North East Brexit Group (of which VONNE is an active member) are therefore seeking to understand the impact on the regions’ employers including VCSE employers, specifically to understand the proportions of staff that would be affected the proposed changes to the migration regime. Information gathered through this exercise will be used to inform the regional response to the White Paper that is likely to be published in January 2019. 

The questionnaire should take no longer 15 minutes to complete.
Your answers are entirely confidential and anonymous – only the research team within the North East LEP will have access to your answers.
Responses will be aggregated for reporting purposes. 
The survey will be live until Monday 7th January 2019.

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact Emma Ward

Complete the survey online.