New report investigates the future of fundraising

Enthuse’s latest Donor Pulse report looks beyond the pandemic, offering insights into what workplace fundraising will look like as restrictions ease across the UK.

The report – which is based on data collected from a survey of over 1,000 members of the UK public – concludes that although the pandemic has been challenging for VCSE organisations, it has encouraged more people than ever to donate to charity. 69 per cent of those surveyed had given money in the last three months, including 81 per cent of those aged under 40.

However, challenges remain, particularly as online giving becomes more popular and many employees make a limited and flexible return to the workplace. The report urges charities to adopt a flexible approach to fundraising, continuing to run virtual events alongside in-person ones. It also highlights the need for organisations to be able to take donations through their own websites, to avoid the ‘give and forget’ phenomenon increasingly associated with consumer giving platforms.

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