New report reveals how vital local relationships have been in the response to Covid

A new report produced with the support of Durham Community Action has revealed how vital local relationships are to an effective VCSE infrastructure.

Working as part of the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCS EP), Durham Community Action was one of three organisations that undertook research between April and June 2021, to understand the relationships between VCS EP Local Infrastructure Organisations and Leads (LIOs and LLLs), other partners in the VCS EP, and VCSE organisations in both the North and South of England.

In the resulting report, newly published, the findings recognise that in the response to Covid-19, a local response was fastest and most effective, and that relationships are strongest at the local level within the VCSE community, meaning there are strong protocols in place to enable collaborative working between the VCSE sector, public sector and national charities, with grassroots organisations able to use their neighbourhood connections to facilitate a fast and effective emergency response.

North Tyneside VODA is also featured as a case study in the publication, which can be downloaded at