New VONNE partnership presents funding opportunity

VONNE has partnered with easyfundraising, a website that helps voluntary organisations, CICs, social enterprises and groups in the North East generate additional income.

How it works

With easyfundraising, staff and supporters of VCSE organisations can raise free donations simply by shopping online with their favourite retailers. This service comes at no additional cost to shoppers, as it is the retailers themselves that pay the donations – the more supporters spend, the larger the donation will be.

easyfundraising is easy to setup, use and manage, and is open to organisations of any size. Organisations receive all the donations raised by their supporters every three months, providing a valuable source of unrestricted funds.

With many more people shopping online, this is an easy way for volunteers and supporters to raise money for organisations across the North East from the comfort of their homes.

Getting started

To get started, create an easyfundraising page for your organisation by using our link. VONNE receives a small commission when sign ups are made using this link, at no additional cost to you.