North East Devolution Proposals

The North East Combined Authority (NECA) which includes the Local Authorities of Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear have developed outline proposals for devolution. See the letter to stakeholders and details of this proposal at the bottom of this article.

Simon Henig - Chair of NECA said:

"It is extremely important that as an area we work together for the benefit of our economy, our businesses and our residents and the current national debate on devolution is a significant opportunity to secure substantial devolution which can only be of benefit to the whole region."

NECA seek your support for this proposal. Please send your comments to

Jo Curry said:

"The VCSE have often championed decisions being taken as close as possible to the people that are most affected by them at a neighbourhood or local level. If these proposals come to fruition it is essential that the NECA establish formal ways in which the VCSE can engage with and influence their plans. Such mechanisms are currently absent. It is also essential for the region that the Local Enterprise Partnership and the NECA have a strong and cohesive working relationship. Whilst I am in danger of stating the obvious, if they can't even agree on the salary for the CEO of the LEP, moving onto greater devolved decision making seems like a pipedream."